Olivia Cowan – Bulldogs

Olivia is our player of the week. She loves everything about softball, fielding, running, catching and especially hitting. She has a great attitude, plays every position to the best of her abilities. We had 3 games in two days and she crushed it! Hit the ball hard, tag girls out and threw them out. Even though she is a Dodgers fan through in through she is my Player of the week. Awesome job kiddo!! ~Coach TC (Giants fan)


Camila Espana – Decepticons

Camila has come up with some big hits in key moments this week and all the coaches can agree her coach ability  and willingness to learn the game is a rare find. Camila always has a positive attitude and with a big smile on her face. She is the perfect teammate! Keep it up Camila!


Jordynn Hernandez – Pink Ladies

This week Jordynn had an outstanding week at the plate, going 3 for 7 with 1 RBI. In the circle, she was top notch. This week she pitched 26 outs and her stats are amazing. She had 15 strikeouts, 1 walk, and only 1 earned run. On top of the all-star performance J-Bird is a great teammate, leading the team both on the field and off. Picking up her teammates and helping them get better. She is a captain and a pleasure to coach.


Sofia Quigley –Decepticons

Sofia has been a constant in the circle all season and this week was no different. Her strikeouts just keep piling up and her field awareness is there to match which she showed as she threw the ball to third on a pick-off play getting the out on a slow to return runner. She also added a monster shot to the fence Saturday getting her a 3 run Home Run. Keep it up Sofia!


Audrey Melton – HoneyBadgers

Audrey continues to perform week after week. This week Audrey went 5 for 5 with a walk at the plate. She had 3 doubles, 2 singles, and scored 5 times while racking up 4 RBIs. She also managed to get 5 stolen bases. In the field Audrey played a flawless first base. She was even asked to play right field and made and outstanding throw to home to stop a runner at 3rd base. Pitching this week Audrey led her team to a win while only allowing one hit and no walks, striking out 5. Great Job Audrey!


Hannah Escobedo –Sin City Saints

Hannah went 4 for 4 in our 2 games this week with 2 base hits and 2 doubles to the fence. Besides her amazing offense, Hannah’s defense was perfect this week. She made not only incredibly athletic plays at 1st base but also has an extremely high softball IQ. Knowing instinctively how and where the ball should go in any defensive scenario. Hannah had one particular jaw dropping out that neither our coaching staff nor the opposing team’s staff know how she kept the ball off the ground and in her glove.


Rhiannon Noble – LV Force

Rhi was 2 for 4 last week with 2 RBI and 2 runs scored. She made two key outs playing CF including one against Dreamcrushers to help secure our win Tuesday. She also stepped up to play 1B when we were down a player due to injury. Awesome work Rhi!


Alexis Payne – Firebirds

Alexis had a great week at the plate 5 hits in six at bats 3 RBIs 5 runs scored 2 doubles and a home run.
On the field, Alexis was solid at shortstop with plenty of assists; she was also extremely supportive of her teammates. I am sure everyone in the park could hear her as she cheered her teammates on. Great job Alexis!!

Player of the Week nominations are submitted by the head coach to their division representative. NWGS then selects a Player of the Week for each division.