B Select Program

Northwest Girls Softball League is proud to announce the implementation of our much-anticipated B-Select Program! This program is designed to offer elite NWGS players a wonderful opportunity to enhance their development and experiences, and to take their game to the next level. The NWGS B-Select Program operates separately from our recreational league and is governed by its own committee that is separate from the NWGS Board.

The B-Select Program is offered for our 10U, 12U, and 14U Divisions

The NWGS B-Select Program serves as an addition to our recreation league. The recreational season takes priority, and there will not be any interference with any regular season schedules (practices or games) from the B-Select teams. Players will participate in additional practices, friendlies, and tournaments.  The emphasis will be on providing our more experienced players additional opportunities to play at a more competitive level.  Teams are encouraged to participate in local tournaments and tournaments close by to keep the cost down for families.

Head Coaches

  • The term of the Head Coach is a one-year commitment.
  • The Head Coach position is open to all qualified coaches inside and outside of NWGS.
  • Head Coaches will be voted on by the committee in November for the following year commitment.
  • Head Coaches will be allowed to select their assistant coaches and team manager with committee approval.
  • All coaches and team managers must be ACE certified before participating in any team activities.
  • There has to be at least one female on the staff and required to be in attendance for all team activities.
  • Head Coaches are expected to organize sponsorship and fundraising activities to help offset the expenses for their team.


  • All players must be registered to a NWGS recreational team to be allowed to compete during the B-Select season.
  • All eligible players may try out for any team they are age-eligible for, no matter their current recreational division.
  • All players are responsible for travel, and other expenses that are beyond their initial registration fee.
  • Any player that is initially rostered to a B-Select team will not be eligible for a player release until the current season has concluded.

B-Select Seasons

  • The NWGS B-Select program is divided into 2 seasons during the year.
  • Season 1: January – August (includes All-Star season)
  • Season 2: August – December
  • Each player/ parent will sign a commitment form for that season of participation.
  • All teams from Season 1 will be automatically be the first All-Star team within their respected age divisions.

Tryouts/ Team Selection

  • Try outs re open to all registered softball players that are eligible to play in NWGS.
  • All players must participate in the mandatory scheduled tryouts to be eligible to be chosen.
  • All players trying out will be assessed by the current coaching staff, and a designated non-bias evaluator.
  • Once tryouts have been completed, the Head Coach will select the players for the roster with the B-Select Committee’s approval.
  • Teams may have up to 14 players per team. Alternate players may be added at the discretion of the Head Coach at a reduced rate. Alternates can participate in team practices but will not participate in competitive tournaments unless there is a player need.
  • If a rostered player is unable to complete their current season, the Head Coach may replace the vacancy with the next alternate player in succession. If there are no remaining alternates, then the Head Coach has the option to select any eligible player to fulfill the vacant roster spot with the approval of the B-Select Committee.
  • Once Season 1 has been completed, each B-Select team will hold an open tryout for Season 2 at a designated time and place in August.


  • Player registration fees will cover designated tournaments entry fees, uniforms, and field time.
  • Players will not be able to participate in team activities until payment has been made in full.
  • Any player that does not fulfill their financial obligations can be released from their B-Select team.
  • Season 1 costs:
    • $200 (January – April)
    • $300 (May – August)
  • Season 2 costs:
    • $200 (August – December)
  • All registration fees are non-refundable.
  • All B-Select income and expenses are kept in an operation account that is separate from the NWGS recreational league accounts.

Code of Conduct

  • All B-Select players and coaches are expected to fulfill their commitment once selected. Any violation of this commitment will hinder any future opportunities with our Select program.
  • All B-Select players and coaches are expected to give equal support to all participating recreational and select teams. Any player or coach that shows a lack of attendance for one or both teams will be in violation and could eventually lead to expulsion.
  • Any player or coach who is penalized for negative conduct or actions on one team within NWGS, may face similar disciplinary actions that may carry over to any other teams they participate on. This will be determined by the NWGS Board or B-Select Committee.

*All rules and guidelines are subject to change by the discretion of the B-Select Committee.


NWGS B-Select Committee

Mindy Johnson – Chairperson; mindyjohnson@northwestgirlssoftball.com

Scott Telford – Committee Member

John Halas – Committee Member